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Originally Posted by opie View Post
Not at all!!

I can accept that. But if hes given them to me, I already posses them.

And I don't believe I need him because I can employ those characteristics without him of my own free will. I do, for the most part.

I agree.

Getting into heaven is not my motivator to to be a good, moral person. Respect for others is. And as such, I am not "trying" to get into heaven, I am simply being respectful.

In a general sense, I understand your view on this and I will answer no. My own personal view, Im not worried about it. I treat others they way I want to be treated, both in my personal dealings and by business dealings. If what I am doing it wrong and there is a time when Ill be judged, I know that I have done my best to be a moral person of my own free will and I will take my lumps if given.

But I also believe there is no afterlife, once you're dead, you're dead.

I have not reached any of my conclusions based on hearsay or a lack of personal involvement in church. I spent my early years, most of them, involved in a Baptist Church in FL. My family put my brother and I on a bus every Sunday morning and we went to mass and then Sunday School. My wife and I spent a few years at a Methodist church here in Lansing.

Now we are going to touch on some of the specific things I find revolting about religion. His "gift" isn't free. It costs money to receive and accept his "gift". The church is much like the Government and the IRS, On one hand the church will say the things you are saying to me, and on the other pass around the offering plate and ask that I support you telling me I'm going to hell if I don't participate. I realize that tithing is not "required." But there are some churches that will take it right from your pay.

You are correct in saying that religion can be revolting. The gift I talk about is the gift of salvation. The money giving you talk about is purely voluntarily. God would rather you not give at all if you do it thinking you have to. Give wiilingly and from the heart. I would'nt give if I thought that it was being misused or lining the pastors pocket. Besides you would not end up in hell for not giving.

Yes, I have accepted my views and do not believe there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Its just a grassy meadow where I get to lay down and be done.

that's ok, it's your view.

I can wrap my brain around eternity in the sense of when my time is up, its up. I do not believe in the afterlife.

I at one time did not either, but after hearing experiences from people that have passed away and come back only to tell of thier experience is somewhat convincing. Most of the stories are very similar. I can't explain why but that has to say something about the after life and besides it does talk about the afterlife in the bible and other secular books throughout history.

Thank you. And I do not see my personality as a hindrance to finding anything. I am not, nor have I ever felt like I needed to find God. Perhaps that day will come?? Who knows. My mind is not closed to the idea, but there are to many things that do not sit right with me regarding organized religion.

As I said organized religion can and does turn off many people. It is about a relationship with Christ.
A relationship is about spending time with that person/being or as Christians do is by reading His word. He reveals Himself through His word.

I can accept that. If I ever start looking for God, Ill keep it in mind.
You really don't need to look for Him, He's already there. Just ask Him to show you Himself and if He is real.
When the time is right and your ready He will be there.
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