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Originally Posted by opie View Post
I think I can sum up my entire stance by addressing the points above...

I do not need God to practice, enjoy, espouse any of the traits listed above. I do not believe it is because of or in spite of God I either would or would not exhibit any of the above traits. I attribute them to having a deep respect for others personal space, property and opinions.

Perhaps at times I, like most others, will deviate from one or more at any given time based on immediate environment, or sin if you wish to call it that. But I am free and able to make amends for my wrongdoing and move on. Much like a religious person would then pray when they have sinned, I would apologize and make my wrong as close to right as possible.

No need to reply... I'm just arguing to argue. I respect any sane persons decision to believe in what they believe and as long as they live their life with respect of others, I don't care what the basis of that respect is.

Do you understand the consquences of rejecting God and His free gift?
Do you understand what it means to be separated from God for eternity?
Can you wrap your brain around eternity? I can't. But I do know that I would not want to be without Him for eternity.
You do sound like an inteligent person, don't let that get in your way.
Accepting Jesus is easy and it's a free gift. Just try not to overthink it. As many do.
I read a quote once and it said," to find God using human wisdom is like searching for the sun with a candle".
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