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Originally Posted by brewmenn
I think that evolution should be taught but should be presented for what it is, a theory that has not been proven, and in all likelyhood will never be proven as 100% fact, and if there are hole in the theory those should be presented along with it. As for "teaching" intelegent design I don't see the need to go into any more detail that to simply state that there are many other beliefs about the origins of life, some based purely on ancient folk lore, others a combination of folk lore and science.

While good in logic, this doesn't flow with the traditional teaching structure in most schools. This path of teaching falls more under the category of social science rather than physical science. This is why its typically thought down on by science teachers. Now what the people behind the movement should do is try and get origins of life put on the social studies curriculum. You are required to know a certain amount of the Civil War, the American Revolution, etc... why not include the origins of life in regards to beliefs in this area?
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