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Lame ass XJ build. Never going to leave the driveway.

Caution lots of SPELLING and GRAMMAR fuckups.

I'm going to try and keep this spot as a current state of build shot.



The Jeep is a 1992 Cherokee Laredo, I bought this in 2006 after my '94 Cherokees maiden wheeling trip to the mounds and some douche hit me head on on the way home and totaled it.

Ok, so the plans for my jeep have taken a change for the expensive-ish, getting a raise and loosing a fiancee is mostly the reason haha. My original plan was pretty budget minded, now I have no reason to hold back on some finer pieces and just buy what I want, only holding back on parts that need extreme modification as I want to keep it pretty simple, and working 60-75hrs a week I rather make it as easy as possible. Also having a full machine shop from manual and cnc lathes and mills, to my lasers a shear and press breaks at my disposal, I can damn near make anything I need if the off the shelf stuff doesn't fit the bill.

Any who on to pictures, and crap.

This is her the day I brought it home, a rust free Cherokee from Tennessee for $1500 and had about 180k on her, when I got it it dident run properly the guy thought it needed a fuel pump but it was just the tps, a quick swap from my 94 and she was running perfect.

Now at this time I was working at Pappa Romanos, this was my DD so not only did I have shit income, I had to keep it working everyday.

This is after the Terraflex 2" Spacer/Shackle BB from my '94

Fenders off

Doors off.(front only for now)

Slight trimming and 31"x10.5" Dakota M/Ts

Flexing in the ally behind my house. I was so cool.


This was the extent of suspension and tire mods for the next few years since i was makeing about $250 every two weeks, so i started adding little shit to it.

Super cool mag light storage.

Decided to cut off the 4wd lever and add this guy, much easier to shift in and out of 4wd.

Tore the guts out and Hurculined it.

That was about the extent of that for about 2 years of wheeling and DD, untill i got a real job and bought a DD and made this just a straight toy.

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