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Originally Posted by xj97sport View Post
So what you are saying is god got pissed and bailed on us because some bitch ate a apple?

He refuses to come back to make things perfect because of something that happend thousand of years ago, and is holding a grudge against us, who didnt do any thing to make him mad.

Nope. Not at all.

God isn't pissed at us. He's sad. Not to many pissed people give up thier son on a cross to get the people they are pissed at back with them.

This is where people get confused. They think God left us. Not true, We left God. When Eve AND ADAM ate the fruit they made the choice to walk away from God; To disobey him and follow what they thought was right.

The other misconception is that God is holding a grudge against us. Also, not true. Once again, God is waiting, arms open, for us to come back to him. He even sent his son to give us a way back to him.

God is not a Guy up in the sky smashing us down with his fingers, nor is he mad at us. He loves us and is waiting for US to come back to him.

Also, he did come back to prepare the way to make thigns perfect. That's what Jesus did, and will do.
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