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Originally Posted by steveo View Post
Why is it that after god gives someone a disease or genetic defect and it takes a team of doctors and surgeons with millions of dollars in equipment and decades of combined training to fix it, people say its a miracle and thank god?

Originally Posted by Plato2k5 View Post
I've always thought the same thing. Its never thank you doctors, scientists, engineers, smart people who made this all possible.
Actually, I know many people that have been healed by Dr's and have thanked them profusely. It's rude not to thank people.

<cracks Fingers>

The Real thing that you guys are missing is the understanding of the Christian world view. Here's a rundown. You don't have to agree with it, but you could actually try to understand it as to be a more rounded, open minded+, individual.

God created our world and us. He created both to be perfect. The reason it was perfect is because God (the father) could be here with us. Once sin entered the world God (the father) could no longer be here. The definition of Sin is the Absence of God. We decided to exclude God from our lives. To tell him that our way was better. We disobeyed him.

Now we live in a broken world, designed to be perfect, We're broken people designed to be perfect. That's why disease is in the world. We're broken. It's not God's fault. We chose this route.

Even though we are still imperfect God can still use us and he has given us abilities specific to his purpose for our lives. Some people it's a mechanical mind, They can fix anything. Some people it's Managing people/thigns. Others it's the human body, how to fix it, how to make it better.

Dr's Have done an incredible amount of work to get to where they are. They deserve thanks. BUT God deserves thanks as well because he gave us the ability to understand our bodies. He gave us the ability to learn.

You may not understand it, or agree with it, but that's what we believe.
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