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Originally Posted by jamiesann
duffman i am sure you heard how "free thinking" U of M is and they love to say diversity enriches the learning experience so much that whites with superior every thing are denied admission for minorities. Well about 1 1/2 years ago the republican club needed a professor to chair their organization. While i belive 100 % U of M is mostly liberal democrat, their HAS to be a republican professor there. I know there is. Problem they can not let it be know, being a open communist would be more socially acceptable and harm your career less than being a republican. Anyways the republican club had to go to Maddona University to find a republican professor willing to chair their organization.
Diversity is a one-way street. Watch how psychotic liberals get when presented with an honest-to-god outspoken conservative. No tolerance there. I watched them literally go after the people in a booth talking about a campus republican club. They knocked their signs over, threw their flyers around, and pushed the kids working it around. If it was any other group, the SWAT team would've intervened.

I have no doubt that openly professing their conservative status effectively stopped Tom Selleck's showbiz career, and contributed to a multi-year drought for Bruce Willis. Schwartzenegger only survived because he earned too much money.

As Ann once asked, what are the odds that nobody working for any of the big 3 networks voted for Ronald Reagan? An open conservative / republican would be run off immediately.
This is the Pub. Leave common sense at the door.
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