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Originally Posted by mikesova
"If you wanted to teach people about the great things about America, a college campus is the last place you’d send them. Even fanatical Muslim terrorists don’t hate America like liberals do." Ann Coulter -- CPAC conference, 2002

well that one is 100 % true. Fanatical muslims hate the US cause we are too liberal, fanatical liberals can never be happy with how liberal we are untill we totally disolve military, all blacks gays and women have a total freebie ride through life, white males are lynched, there is a government agency for everything, all guns are gone, crime is through the roof dispite more cops and more spending, nothing makes sense, nothing follows logic, and its everyone elses fault. Atleast the muslims love themselves. The liberals are self loathing. I never met a liberal who gave everything they owned away, THEY WANT YOU AND ME to pay through the ass taxes to satisfy their white guilt and shame they feel for being properous. Not familar with any environ nazi that want to stop suburban sprawl that live in a tent. They want a house, they want others to not get new housing. I am not familiar with any anti gun leaders that arent guarded by gun wielding armed guards. I atleast understand the muslims.

I like thin all the way to a lil on the big side girl. Coulter is just TOO thin, i can handle seeing some ribs, but i have a feeling her hips are just poking through her skin something terrible and it would be like seeing mr. burns nekkid :tonka:

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