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Originally Posted by Renegade II View Post
Jesus Christ you two, get the fukc over it. I was joking about the president pushing a button for a test & bugging 99% of us for 3 minutes and you get all fucking unglued and have a love fest.

Hate to burst your bubbles but politicians on both sides of the isle don't give a fukc about us and are all just a bunch of millionaires trying to sound bite themselves through another election.

Guess I should have put this in the Pub so you hardliner could fucking recognize a joke. Oh ya, you do know what a joke is, you all put him in the oval office
I was not unglued, just trying to poke fun at what I see alot of people on here say. I am def not a hardliner . I hate and the same. I totally agree with your statement about the politicians not giving a damn about us. I think people need to demand some sort of reform with our government officials first instead of having all the democrat/republican arguments.

Did not mean to offend you in trying to make a little joke.
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