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Some details are coming together. Now to order the parts so we can start building.

We are going to the build the main 6-point structure of the cage out of 2x0.120 tube. We will fill in the rest with 1.75 and 1.5 in 0.120 wall. We think we will be near or above 4200#, which is where the bump from 1.75 to 2.0 occurs for Ultra4 rules. The last time I weighed the TJ it was 3900#, which was on 39s but no spare and less extras.

Links are likely going to 2x0.25 for the lowers front and rear, and 1.5" for the uppers and steering. Rod ends will be 7/8x3/4.

Fuel cell is a Jegs 22 gallon cell in a steel can (555-15514). I saw an ad for $20 off, so I figured I would order it up since we need it anyway. The thing I like about the Jegs units besides cost, is that it has three ports instead of 2 like some other budget cells. We ran the plastic only Jegs 32-gallon cell on the Wag with no issues.

I also picked up some used 35 BFG Mud Terrains over the weekend. We will likely pick up another set before race season to have some extras. We went through 3 tires last season in 6 races.

Saturday night I started chopping up the engine harness. I did the cut and modify on my Jeep 4.7 V8 harness, and I have to say that the GM harness is much easier to work with. The Jeep harness had tons of splices and I was constantly cutting and crimping wires. The GM harness had dedicated lines for most everything, except one large clump of grounds that are spliced together, but at least they are in the same spot.

I read somewhere that a seam ripper is a handy tool when doing harnesses, and I have to agree. It slices through tape so easily. The smaller one did not end up being handy until I broke the larger seam ripper. The double sided velcro made the job much easier, too. I think I have about $12 in tools in this pic, and well worth it. I was able to cut pieces to the length I wanted and I could quickly open and close sections of the harness.

So here's the stock harness as it was pulled.

Stripped down. I will probably leave it like this until we lay the harness back on the engine and test fire it. Once I know everything is good and the harness lays right, then I'll tape it up. JeepM715 is supposed to be tracking down some Tesa 51025 that Ebs mentioned in my other thread.

Here's the pile of scrap.
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