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Default 2008 Chevy Impala (EVAP large leak detected) HELP!!!!

Car info: 2008 6cy 3.9L with 115,000 miles. Car runs fine, the only thing I have noticed is that my remote start wont work anymore. I can hear the fuel pump kick on but it wont turn over after that.

Anyway the check engine light came on so I took it to autozone to put the computer on it. This is what it said "EVAP large leak detected" and these could be the causes:

1. Defective missing or loose fuel cap. (When the check engine light came on I got a signal on my dash that said loose fuel cap. I made sure it was tight but the light is still on.)

2. EVAP canister broke, hose cracked or not connected

3. Purge or vent solenoid defective

4. Vacuum leak at engine.

Any help on what I should check or look for would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


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