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It's a well known fact that about 10% of those in the military actually experience combat. To me, combat experience means you frequently directly fired a weapon at the enemy and received enemy fire in a close personal situation. Witnessing the absolute destruction of the bodies of friends and enemy does cause change in one's perspective of simple life and death to a degree very few civilians will understand.
The value of life becomes problematic, taking human life becomes an instinct.
To simulate your own response, disconnect any source of communication with friends and family for at least 24 hours. Drag some road kill home and keep it in the same room as you stay awake for all those 24 hours sober and without food or drink watching
the first 20 minutes of "Saving Private Ryan", the final 45 minutes of "We were soldiers", and "Hamburger Hill" back to back for the entire 24 hours.
Get back to me on how you feel.

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