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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
That's a great story and all....except a 1/2 ton gasser typically will only get real world 17-20 mpg, and most diesel's recently can get 17-20 mpg as well. It's a valid question. Regardless of how much towing you will actually be doing or what you will be using the truck for. Put 5,000 lbs behind a gasser and you dropped to 8 mpg, put that same load behind the diesel and you still may get 10-14mpg.

Ever consider that he may want a crew cab truck AND a long bed? Can you get that in a half ton?

Maybe he doesn't need the diesel for towing, but perhaps needs the bed space and doesn't want a gasser and 10 mpg in a 3/4 ton truck?

Perhaps he plans to keep the truck for 500,000 miles, or perhaps he is curious as to what kind of mileage the truck will get and wanted to see what people were getting out of them and was asking a legitimate question in regards to what the total cost of ownership would be?

Would you buy a car with out knowing what it will cost you to insure?

Why is knowing how much fuel it would use any different?

Knowing the approximate fuel mileage of the vehicle you plan on purchasing is a consideration of the total cost of ownership.

Call me a cheap ass, but when I car shop....

I look at the potential repair costs for fairly common parts, shocks, struts, starters, alternators, etc.

I look at the potential repair costs of catostrophic repairs (trans, engine, axles)

I look at the insurance costs.

I look at the cost of fuel.

I look at the replacement cost for wear items (brakes, tires, etc)

I see nothing wrong with the question.

Not to mention if you are going to spend 50k on a new truck that gets 12 mpg and have the option of considering very new used trucks that may get 18mpg and only cost 30k.....being informed is not a bad thing, nor is it a declaration of what someone can, could, should, afford to drive.
Points very well taken.

I did make a few assumptions that could very well be wrong. I didn't even think about the CCLB possibility. Which was pretty fucktarded on my part because that's the biggest reason we went with a 3/4 ton truck over the 1/2 tons. The half ton CC get like a 5' bed and our camper won't sit in that short of a bed.

I guess my point was more of a suggestion to maybe just take a look at wants vs needs if mileage is that important. It wasn't intended to be the, "If you want fuel economy buy a Civic" argument.
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