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Originally Posted by mprmn08 View Post
does he want a new one or a newer one? if he could do a 2010 do that. doesnt have all the newer emmisions stuff that kills the mileage just the dpf. buddy gets about 18 with his 2010. i've HEARD dont know for sure that the 2011 and 2012 do only get about 14 or 15.
Originally Posted by barry1me View Post
I completely disagree with the last thread. 07.5-2010 Duramaxs will get less fuel mileage then the 2011+ Duramaxs. The SCR helps increase fuel mileage vs the prior generation LMM engines.....Scooter can vouch for this. I have a few friends with 2011 Duramaxs and when they try to get fuel mileage ie. driving 65 on the highway they can get 19-20.
Everything from 2007.5 gets a DPF - that isn't exactly what hurts the fuel economy, it's actually not restrictive - cleaning the DPF is what hurts the fuel economy. You use an injector in the exhaust to provide fuel to a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) - the DOC burns the fuel and provides the heat for the DPF to burn off the particulates stored in the filter. You'll do this (called a DPF regeneration) about once a tankful of fuel, and it uses about a gallon of fuel.

The SCR hasn't made a difference in fuel economy for the GM trucks - when you see an increase in fuel economy using an SCR, it is usually when it replaces a NOx trap. A NOx trap needs periods of running rich (which is something diesels don't do often) to clean out the oxides of nitrogen.
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