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Alright here is what it is doing, it is not slipping however it has delayed shifts, seems like the rpm's get way up there before it shifts into second, then in second it gets way up there before shifting into third, once it is in 3rd and I am cruising at say 45mph it does kick back down into second and it does not want t shift back into 3rd, I dont think it is shifting into overdrive however I have not taken it above 50mph. When cruising in the city at light throttle it will not shift into 3rd it stays in second.

Friend said to check the spring on the detent cable...any other ideas? Also check engine light is on and I know that a faulty MAF or TPS sensor will cause shifting issues, would either of tese sensors cause the shift problems I am having? I am going to scan it next week to find out why CEL is on.
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