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Originally Posted by deerebowtie View Post
I'm removing my build thread. Project will be completed shortly.
I fucked up your build thread with my Bullshit, Please restore the pics at least, bad ass build turned a wrench on er myself n would be proud to acknowledge the fact

Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
x2, if you havent figured it out yet you get mad waaay to quick and people will have fun with that. i am sitting in a hotel room in arizona bored off my ass and well, you are pretty good entertainment. so seriously uninflate your enormous e penis and have a little fun. yes i do realize that internets are some pretty damn serious business and all but you can relax a bit. you act like the typical pimple faced, bone stock cherokee driving, scrawny little trailer park kid that cant be a badass in real life but can try to sound like a badass on the internet.
Karma is a Bitch Troll stay out of others business, lest you get served.

Originally Posted by Rockstar View Post
deerebowtie give me his address i will kick his ass for you... and he will not say anything on here more about it too..
Please Bitch Aaron is 6'6" 285# I'm 6'1" n 290# what is your cubical dwelling every day run of the mill average punk ass do when 2 real men war.

Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
So here is what I've got.

Originally Queerebowtie was building some BDMT in this thread. There were pictures of the truck, some hill billy bling suspension stuff, probably a 12 damper steering stabilizer sytem, some overbuilt H1 rims, etc...

Then at some point Snafu apparently went up to hillbilly land, like grayling or some shit, to pick up parts from Aaron(bowtie) and help him wrench on the redneck ride. Well I guess Snatchfu got a shit radiator, it put coolant in the trans, and boom goes the trans.

Apparently this angered Snafu and he posted about it. Aaron fired back with some comments about Snafu. They called off their budding bromance and were in a fight. At some point Aaron deleted or edited his comments which angered Snafu more because somehow he is still able to see them with his mad interwebz ninja skills After a few comments about Aaron being passive aggressive or some shit he deleted every post in this thread he made and I believe Snafu followed suite. And with that we are up to date with the start of the WTF happened comments.

Clear as mud?
Queerebowtie eh. Tell you what Bitch if I was 1/10th the Stand up guy that Aaron is than I would be a decent human being, unlike your gutter snipping bullshit needing to standing on another's back while their drowning to get a step up on your non existent self esteem bullshit

Snatchfu That's cute Stand up 1% Percenter is my Creed, may make me a Motherfucker but Self Respect is something a poser like you will never perceive to begin with.
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