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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
Funny, I haven't mentioned anything about changing what you're doing. .

I'm not going to say that every third world person would change who they are, but I woudl wager that a good amount of them would take the abundance that "the 99% (protesters)" have and be completely content with it.

Just to be clear, you see people with no running water, no electricity, no access to health care, ETC; every day?
yes. It may seem impossible in your little civilized bubble there in MI, but out here running water and power are luxuries in many areas. At my cabin I have to haul water in and I have a gasoline genset to provide power. I know an old lady who laid in bed and died of pneumonia because she couldnt get to medical care. I see these damn injuns get handout after handout and still live in poverty. there is a nice housing division in wyoming that the gov built for the redmen, they moved in and stripped the houses of water lines, wiring, siding and windows to buy dope and booze. I say fukc anyone who isnt willing to pull themselves up out of their situation, I know I would walk over them on my way to a better place.
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