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Originally Posted by amc78cj7 View Post
x2. The actions of humans and organized religion do not always reflect the scripture they're based upon. It's part of the equation that all humans are flawed. This is what separates us from the perfection of God. A chasm that we are not fit to cross and therefore rely on the sacrifice of God's son as the payment for the imperfections and sins we are born into.
John 3:16

Amen Brother have come across John 3:16 scrawled on the wall in the worst of places seems to be the closer to Hell you travel the more you will find John 3:16 on the wall like a ray of Sunshine it has carried many a junkie through hell I know it has saved my limited sanity more than once

Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
For the record, I wasn't alive during the Holocaust.
I'm only 26.
I'm also not Roman Catholic.

I give to charities very often and have sponsored children through world vision. I've raised hundreds of Dollars for that organization and others that impact children and families everywhere. The Tithe that I give at church allows the church to help out the community in many ways. Not to mentio the multiple missionaries that our specific church sponsors. Mostly people helping people in third world countries.

All those things are things that you'll find most Christians doing that go to church. Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, ETC. That's what WE'VE done. What have you done?

Not much spent years tying to do the right things for the wrong reasons n Karma handed me my ass in a big way more than once I'm no stranger to shame yet my ego still seems to get the best of my posed integrity every time

Still can't seem to get it right um humbleness is a lot harder to accomplish than one would think, uphill battle everyday to do something for the right reason not what satisfies my ego

Originally Posted by ScOoTeR View Post

Calling someone a "Catholic" and attributing everything horrid ever performed in the name of ........
That's what I was trying to get at.

Humbled point made

I understand you were just ranting but we're just trying to have a conversation. Not yelling, not Debating, just talking. It's what we do.

Originally Posted by snafu6 View Post
Thank you for your well thought out response and yes I am guilty as hell for stereotyping a group and taking my frustrations out on them with out considering we are all individuals with the free will to do as we please

I am truly sorry if anyone was offended by my rant it was not meant to be a personal attack but I went there anyways removing all doubt is snafu an idiot

Thank you for the reality check my ego could stand to be knocked down more often than not

Wasn't offended, just wanted to talk about why you thought that. Still interested to find out.

I don't understand why we as a society let these atrocities continue Jesus kicked the snakes out of his shrine, should we not follow his example?
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