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Originally Posted by jbsjunk View Post
Picked up my trans up today. Actually I picked it up twice..........

We loaded it and he closed the tailgate. I didn't check if it latched. This comes into play later. I drive 25 miles to my shop to unload it but as I backed to the door I noticed I could see the garage door. Odd, the trans is not there and the tailgate is down. SHIT! I boogie down the separated 4 lane that is getting redone to find it. It's right where I figured it would be. Didn't even get hit by anything but the road. Get it back in the truck and head to the shop to access the damage. The new output shaft got a ding in the splines and the trans pan got killed. I pull the pan to hammer out the dents and find a tear in it. Scrap.

I wanted a aluminum pan with a drain plug anyway.

Cliffs; get new trans, dumbass forgets to check the tailgate and ends up picking said trans off the highway with a wasted pan.

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I know a guy who has one of these.

That really sucks=(
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