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Originally Posted by Lothos
1. What makes a person a Christian? Are you Christian?

2. Can you believe in the generic God and not be Christian?

3. Do you think Islam is like Christianity in regards to muslims etc... believing in Allah like Christians believe in God?

4. Can you be religious and not believe in a deity?
1. They believe in Jesus Christ. Yes I am. (btw... Christian = Christ follower)

2. Yes. This is basically an agnostic.

3. Similar only in the acknowledging a higher power, but very different in how one attains eternal life.

4. Only if "religious" mean moral. You can be a moral person and not believe in God, but good morals never got anyone to heaven.

BTW, tonight at 9pm, Barbara Wawa is doing a two hour special about what heaven is and how to get there. I don't expect it to be a christian message, but I will definitely be watching it tonight as the tail end of the Bible & Brew.
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