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Originally Posted by Ford rules View Post
No Thanks - $1300 for just the shafts, then add $600 for u-joints that will hold up will get you to $1900 total. On top of the shafts and joints I would need to buy a different locker or get the parts to make mine accept 40 spline shafts. My normal messing around driving style doesn't warrant anything that massive, my Comp driving style is a bit different but a good set of 35 spline chromoly shafts and solid u-joints will do quite nicely. As long as I avoid unleashing the 466 when at full lock everything should be fine.

Originally Posted by feva4u View Post
"Poor people cannot afford cheap things." Not calling you poor, just sayin.
I know what you're getting at - cheap shat breaks easier and leads to more cost in the long run. I didn't mean that I was looking for the cheapest alternative by any means, I will at least end up with what Beefy has from JBG - which I think are actually Yukon bits not being sold under the Yukon name. I have heard of a few guys running these and even getting the same warranty that you get with the higher cost Yukon name.

If anyone knows for sure either way, I would be interested in some clarification. Suppose I could just call them, but I am not to the point where it really matters yet. I figure by late May - early April, it will be time to make the purchase.
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