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Originally Posted by RyeBread
I don't believe that in this day and age of individualistic rights, and "me me me" that too many people are too worried about being labelled a non-believer, and/or castigated by society for it - or that the fear of same is the only thing keeping people as self classifying themselves as christains.
As a small business owner on the side, I can see many instances where conforming to the assumed "popular belief system" is essential to making a business successfull in many areas. A church is a very effective networking tool. But, in the same way, acknowledging publically that you are not a Christian can and does hit your reputation around a small town. People talk. For that reason, I think more people classify themselves as Christians because not doing so would reflect negatively on them based on the assumed accepted normal behavior in society. I wish this was something I could back with facts and figures. Unfortunately this is just my opinion. However, I have witnessed in a business situation on many occassions where believing in God has been brought up by one indivdual and suddenly everyone around them jumps on the bandwagon. I believe some do so out of fear of being labeled as a heathen. Sorry for getting off-topic here...
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