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Originally Posted by 84Scrambler
Going back to one of the comments that a majority of Americans are Christian, I feel very strongly that this is only true for one reason. People that are NOT Christians don't want to risk their position in life by making it known that they don't believe in the whole Christian thing. It's kind of like acceptance thru association. If people know I don't believe in God, they won't accept me for who I am. I for one am sick of the world being dominated by the religious crowd. Simple things like not being able to buy a bottle of Bailey's at 11am on a Sunday morning trip to Meijer does it for me.

As for Creation, ID, and evolution. Each should have it's place in public education. Darwin and Evolution should be in a science class since his theories and research are based on the scientific method. ID and Creation should be included in a philosophy course. Give the students the "facts" or "theories" as they are currently accepted and let the student form his or her own beliefs. Unfortunately this world is full of people that refuse to accept that students should be free to learn from all views and beliefs. Give them the ability to think and decide for themselves. Don't force anything on them, but most of all don't hide it from them either.
I don't believe that in this day and age of individualistic rights, and "me me me" that too many people are too worried about being labelled a non-believer, and/or castigated by society for it - or that the fear of same is the only thing keeping people as self classifying themselves as christains.

I do believe that as our aging baby boomer population starts facing the reality of their aging, the natural curiousity of what's next and what was it all for is starting some of these debates.

it's been an age old question through the millenia - what's the meaning of life, and why are we here. Yes, it's very uncomfortable for some to just accept that it's a cosmic accident, and that life doesnt' have a meaning. some people, I dare say are simply unable to stare that possible reality in the face, else face a break down.

I agree with the bulk of your 2nd paragraph.
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