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Originally Posted by Mr. Beefy View Post
Yea I don't understand why the guy shot the other they were doing fine getting away from the walkers
When running from zombies you don't have to be the fastest person, you just can't be the slowest. He made sure fatty was slower.

Originally Posted by Chief Brody View Post
If the show follows the books, which it's doing an okay job doing so far, Shane starts to really lose it.
Shane has been losing it from the start. I kinda like how they did last night's episode though. Just when it seemed like he might be turning over a new leaf and starting to be a decent guy, nope, still crazy Shane. I mean ya knew something was gonna happen to the fat dude, he couldn't have been more expendable if they tried, but I didn't think it'd be quite so cut and dried. I figured he'd get hurt and Shane would leave him to distract the walkers while he escaped, but I didn't think he'd be doing the hurting
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