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Originally Posted by 87'YJ
The whole point in evidence for creationism is just that though. The evidence IS creation!! If the theory of evolution were wrong, then what else is there?

This is why creationists spend so much time on poking holes in evolution (and there are massive problems to be exposed) because if they can get people actually questioning the mainly taught theory in our schools, then truth might be exposed. WHATEVER that truth is.

The fact that something is present does not prove that spontaneous creation is true. Using that logic, MAGIC exists.

My problem with this logic is the age old toddler mentality.

toddler says "Why?"

adult says "because."

toddler says "but why?"

adult says "because I said so."

Evolution has its faults and there's no arguing that. The reason its taught is Darwin came about with his theory following the purest scientific method without bias. That is real science.
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