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Originally Posted by Deke
IF you are so bored with the topic at hand, how come there isnt any proof towards your side? I just looked through your posts and didnt see any solid, logical, scientific proof stating your case.
What about irreducible complexity, fossil records, macro vs. micro evolution.
These are three of the biggest problems with evolution and neither you nor any one else has yet addressed them. The fact is, there are no answers from the evolutionists point of view about these questions. They are the gapping holes in the theory.

I can appreciate your point of view, in fact I shared it for a long time. I thought creationists were crazy, but as I looked into it and started really studying it, I started seeing some really big problems with what I believed. I am in pursuit of truth with my life!! The fact is, there are just as many FAITH issues with evolution as there are with creationism....if not more.

I just don't want anyone saying that anyone that believes in intelligent design is an idiot that hasn't looked at the facts. Because I have, and I have concluded that as more true than evolution.

Just a thought, thanks for hearing me out.
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