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Originally Posted by 87'YJ
You are talking about micro-evolution not MACRO-evolution. MACRO-evolution states that their are large jumps between species lines by mutation. MICRO-evolution is just change within species...which I do believe in. These are very different topics. One is fact, the other is unproven theory. We are talkingabout MACRO-evolution.

I do not take that as an insult to my education. I actually take it as a complement because you just proved why it is important to know what your talking about!! You guys really need to bring some good arguements to the table here. I'm getting bored
actually the idea of macro and micro is rather blurred dont you think?

Macro to us is the whole thing. However Macro to the giant noodle that planted up here is its entire thing and earth is just a micro.

You just twisted what I said. Fundamentaly is Micro is proven to exsist is it really that hard to think that macro wont be very far behind?
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