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Originally Posted by mschaffer66 View Post
So here is what I've got.

Originally Queerebowtie was building some BDMT in this thread. There were pictures of the truck, some hill billy bling suspension stuff, probably a 12 damper steering stabilizer sytem, some overbuilt H1 rims, etc...

Then at some point Snafu apparently went up to hillbilly land, like grayling or some shit, to pick up parts from Aaron(bowtie) and help him wrench on the redneck ride. Well I guess Snatchfu got a shit radiator, it put coolant in the trans, and boom goes the trans.

Apparently this angered Snafu and he posted about it. Aaron fired back with some comments about Snafu. They called off their budding bromance and were in a fight. At some point Aaron deleted or edited his comments which angered Snafu more because somehow he is still able to see them with his mad interwebz ninja skills After a few comments about Aaron being passive aggressive or some shit he deleted every post in this thread he made and I believe Snafu followed suite. And with that we are up to date with the start of the WTF happened comments.

Clear as mud?
fuck, my neck hurts because my head was spinning so fast while looking in the correct direction to figure that out.....I am still confused, but I would love to give you some man love and whisper some sweet nothings in your ears
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