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Originally Posted by snafu6 View Post
Sympathy who is looking for sympathy? Get what you give nothing less nothing more there is no moral debate who screwed who just some miss communication while both people were a little stressed that's all, calmed down a bit apologized worked out our differences n moved on

The only one consistently jerking my chain has been you
Originally Posted by snafu6 View Post
Troll your boat elsewhere the men are finished talking here n the issue is done n over
Originally Posted by snafu6 View Post
Let the mod restore the deleted posts lets see who really fucked who I stand by my actions Bitch step up prove me wrong Troll

Aaron you had your chance to remove your negative post even when you have been paid act a bitch and the pms where you lied about the parts will come out, you asked me to remove the negative posts n I did you have been paid n pacified recant your bullshit or it gets serious
I'm confused. Did you work your issues out or do you still want to kill Aaron?

By the way I think you are taking this all way to seriously. Everyone around here tries to have fun. We give shit, we take shit, we move on. The people that take every thing people say to heart are the people that get butthurt and don't enjoy their stay.

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