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Originally Posted by chadcooper55 View Post
first you start a thread about people wanting pics and going on a giant rant about how you are the ultimate perfect super trustworthy seller and everybody should bow down and kiss your toes. i randomly make a comment about you coming off like joshua cripe (because you did). so you flip out and tell me that if i have anything to say to you i should be a man and drive to detroit to say it to your face. it was what, a week later and a thread pops up about you flaking out and not showing up to get some parts when you made plans to go there (which proved what i said when i told you that you are like joshua cripe). now this thread pops up:sonicja y:.
Call me out Bitch front page lets do this you passive aggressive cunt Truth be told n the trolls will be exposed I got nothing to hide call me out Bitch lets see what the Truth brings to light Troll, my word is bond your trolling cause you a Jealous Bitch

Let the mod restore the deleted posts lets see who really fucked who I stand by my actions Bitch step up prove me wrong Troll

Aaron you had your chance to remove your negative post even when you have been paid act a bitch and the pms where you lied about the parts will come out, you asked me to remove the negative posts n I did you have been paid n pacified recant your bullshit or it gets serious
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