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Originally Posted by Mr.Green again View Post
I have not been watching since the end of season two. Is Jenna sleeping with old whats his face? Clays right hand man? They almost did sex back in season 2. Also, I could have swore by something the old man said to Jax that Jax's Dad was still alive or something. Jacks said "He deserted the club." and the old man later said "You better recognize how great your dad was, bla bla bla before he is gone." It threw me off a bit. Looking forward to seeing season 3 and getting caught up. It is season 4 now right?
They haven't revealed anything yet about Tig nailing Jemma. I wouldn't be surprised, but they just haven't come right out with it yet. Tig seems like kind of an indiscriminate horndog, but at the same time, I would think they would give him more sense than to sleep with the Pres. old lady.

JT - Jax's dad, definitely dead. I think Piney (the old guy) was referencing the mental aspect by saying "you need to know how great he was before you let him die" (can't remember the exact wording). I think he meant that before he blindly follows Clay into whatever he wants to do, he needs to take another look at how his dad would have done things. I think when Jax was all fired up about how one man can't fix it all, Piney wanted him to realize that JT was the one that made the club how it was (good) before Clay took over, and Clay made it how it is today (bad).
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