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Originally Posted by Deke
If they put creation into the education then you'd have to start including ALL of the theories out there and that would take way to much time.
Its better for a student to be given the tools to figure it out as he/she sees fit and let them figure it out for themselves
good theory, hard to implement. Some are arguing that preferential treatment is being given to that one theory already, and because it was created from an "scientific" perspective, it must be pure enough to teach.

another craw sticking point for me, is that the constitution does NOT state that there shall be no religion in government, or schools. only that the government shall not favor any one specific religion. it has been misinterpretted as a "separation of church and state"...

that all being said, I am typically the prototypical devil's advocate.

As such, I bounce one idea off of another, and am open to learning about all sorts of theories, and am as equally fascinated by Discovery Channel specials on both particle physics in as much as I am by Discovery Channel specials on Bibliographic Anthropology.

I have come to my own personal beliefs through sort of a civil court type arrangement. The preponderance of the evidence that I have found leads me to simply state that it is honestly easier for me to accept that "something" (for the purpose of not starting down the road of bashing I won't dive much deeper than that) "seeded" life here.

I've done statistics for work for 17 years. Recently have had to take some more advanced statistics. Having that background knowledge combined with the "best scientific guesses" about things such as how long we think the universe has been here, the staggering number of variables in even a "simple" genetic sequence, atomic and gravitational pulls, chemical/protein chains, etc, etc, etc.

well, in my opinion it's as absurd for me to accept that it all fell into place by some cosmic accident, as it is for pure logically, scientific thinking people to accept that there is something out there, beyond the capabilities of our mind to grasp, that transcends our senses, etc.

but, along those lines - how many people are comfortable thinking along the lines of such things as the mathematically "proven" dimensions beyond our 3 that we know and can tangibly interact with? space/time warps? worm holes?

There are as has been stated, way too many various theories, and we hypothesize, and "prove" more and more each day. How to cram even a high level view of it into a standard public school curriculum may be part of the reason why some of it gets shot down...

and not to start a teacher bashing thread, but I have first hand knowledge of just how full our school days are for our kids - not only from my 5 year old already having homework each night, but to hearing about all of the new mandates, and required curriculum's and standardized test preparations that my mom has to adopt each and every year into her classroom...
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