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Originally Posted by fastrt6dakota View Post
Go on... I like weird. I haven't read the novels, so I'm still pretty new to the series. Is it similar to "Land of the Dead" where the zombies basically resumed their day to day habits? The bells tolled, so they went to church? The herds all walked the freeway because they were used to travelling that way every day?

Just throwing out ideas here. Since it's all based on the Romero "model" of zombie, I suppose it's possible.
Not a huge spoiler, but *SPOILER* nonetheless.

In the book, Rick takes his son to Hershel's farm. After getting him patched up, they stay there a few days. They are doing target practice and shoot a zombie. Basically Hershel freaks out because they killed one of his neighbors. They then find out that he has been rounding them up and keeping them in his barn. He thinks that if they find a cure for it, he will be able to save his friends and family. His son became a zombie. You can probably guess that something happens, the zombies get out and it's a mess.
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