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Originally Posted by snafu6 View Post
So your pissed cuz wally world wont sell cubical dwelling Bob a Kalashnikov why would anyone want the average citizen to own such a thing, people are complete idiots if they cant figure out how to obtain a pre ban auto than I don't think they have the comprehension needed to understand what a full auto is capable of

Any merc will tell you point blank full autos are for suppression only killing is done up close n personal shot gun is the preferred weapon, full auto is for bravado wastes more ammo than anything else makes way to much noise and will get you killed by a pro cuz your to busy wasting rounds to notice you just got flanked
Please proof read your posts before clicking submit.

God knows I say dumb shit from time to time(sometimes quite often), but at least my posts don't come across as jumbled, unintelligible thoughts thrown together like shit on a wall from a retarded monkey on crank.

You've made some good points, but when I read them I get more confused than when I get a hard on looking at pictures of Scooter in drag.
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