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Originally Posted by curbdog17 View Post
Scooter knows whats up.

Calling someone a "Catholic" and attributing everything horrid ever performed in the name of God is as SPECIFIC as calling someone human and accusing them of the same crimes, i.e. being neither Catholic nor Human is a satisfactory definition of murder / rape / molestation / et al.

God gave people free will, and hopes they will do their best to live good lives and be loving, caring members of society. That's the funny thing about free will - most have it, and some of the number that have it care for nothing other than themselves. Consider this when looking at things you find wrong with religion: those that abuse their free will and impose it upon others will do what is needed to remain in a beneficial situation (power).

Go one step further - and let's use one of your examples: Molestation of children by priests. Without diving into the debate of why there have been many cases of this in the Catholic church, the one MAJOR reason it was covered up is because the Catholic church (as you rise up within the organization) is quite the profitable business. Again - this is not the responsibility of God, remember the whole free will thing - but more the reaction of a big-business cover up. Priests molesting boys is definitely bad for business - and MEN high up in the organization (often driven by greed despite their divine responsibilities) take action to keep the info covered up.

Not much different than any big business that does voluntary "quiet" recalls. You think Toyota really cared about floormat placement and shimming accelerator pedals during their recall for the unintended acceleration problems? They knew they skipped vital redundant torque security algoritms - so when you took your car in for the diversion, they actually reflashed the controller with code that had added security against the runaway problems. Save face, save money (by not driving customers away).

If someone says they're Christian / catholic / muslim / etc - it is impossible to lump them in with whatever Stereotypical bad image you hold for them:

Not all Muslims want to kill you;
Not all Mormons have multiple wives;
Not all Catholics accept and condone the bad things done in the name of the lord in the past.

Why I say "To each his own".

Scott & Aber will never change your views, just as you won't change theirs - the whole free will thing again. They chose to have faith in Jesus Christ and both do their best to live as they think Christians should. Just because of Christianity's bumpy past doesn't mean that you should attempt to "measure" Christians with that particular yardstick.

Personally, I try to evaluate everyone on a personal basis first before I develop an opinion about them. :)
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