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Originally Posted by opie View Post
Why should the goose get anything different than the dog other than the opportunity to be whatever they want? Equal justice under the law because no matter our life choices, we are Humans and American first.
That's exactly what I said. Give the Dog the same Oppurtunity as the Goose. Just dont' redefine what a goose is to get it. Redefine the oppurtunity.

The problem with your analogy is it gets to specific.... and as such it will deform into exactly what we have going on right now. Different sets of laws, rules, regulations, standards for each different class, race and sex. The foundation of our laws and rules of society are left broad to as to not discriminate because that is exactly what our founders were getting away from. Today, we are legislating discrimination in an attempt to make everyone equal rather than simply living by the words....
OK, so we have the Government give out Civil Unions that aren't restrictive on what your orientation is. If you want the restriction that comes with a marriage then go to the proper authorities there. The term "marriage' is the goose. So the Dog is non-tradition marriage.

It doesnt say "unless you are Gay." Please pay particular attention to which words are capitalized, it meant something when it was written and I believe still does today.
We don't have the right to be married. We have the right to PURSUE happiness. If that means living with a same sex partner then go ahead. Allow them to have the same rights. Just don't call it marriage. If you want to have a marriage, follow the definition.

Originally Posted by 3-foot View Post
Is it better to not know what they think or where they stand?

What part of the constitution grants the power to define marriage?
1.I want to know what they think and where they stand, I just wish some of them would do a little better job thinking about what they say before they say it.

2. Good question. So why do Same sex supporters ask the Government to change that Definition that they, per your question, don't have the power to define?

Originally Posted by MonkeyBiz View Post
I've read it also, and one point stuck out to me...

"Because homosexuals still have kids". I've thought about that scenario alot. My conclusion is that the best you could 'be born as' is Bisexual.
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