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Originally Posted by Nuggets View Post
I choose to be gay today. I am going to try to be attracted to men in their various forms and and imagine touching their hairy butts.

I'll post the results of my decision later.
Well, I was gay all day today. I looked at a lot of dudes and got sorta bored so I fixated on their package. Not much to see there, half of them looked like they were trying to shoplift small potatos out of the store. I talked to a few guys while I secretly fondled myself. Nothing! I couldn't get my dick up with a crane at that moment. The men either smelled life B.O. or waaaaay to much cologne. To be sure I was giving this gay thing a fair shake, I went to a rest area on I75 and hung out in the mens' bathroom for a few hours. I would sit in a stall next to somebody and offer them a wrister. Most guys said no but a Catholic preist and 37 truck drivers took me up on my offer. My hands were very tired at the end of the day. When I was done I decided to take a whizz myself. As I was going one of the truckers I just gave a wrister to offered to hold my manhood while I finished peeing. Since I chose to be gay today, I let him. When I was done he shook it off and we parted company.

The day is done and I've come to the conclusion that one can't just decide to be gay or not. I gave it my all yet I would still occasionally think about vaginas and boods while I was gay. I really did not like any of the things I was doing today no matter how hard I tried. So in summary, being gay is programed into a person's brain somehow and it's not a matter of choice.

Oh, can anybody recomment a good detergent to get seman out clothing and shoes?
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