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Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I've yet to understand how a massive tax reduction on the wealthy and a massive tax increase on the poor make fiscal sense.
bout time the other 47% has to pay something.
unless the other 47% starts paying something we will all be nothing.
the 9/9/9 also brings up earings form illegals and other black market money.

is 9/9/9 the only option, no. find a better option we all can support. no one else has a better idea ive heard. i personally was in favor of a national sales tax and totally dropping the irs. then we dont have to pay for all obamas new irs agents. everyone needs to chip in. the freeloading needs to stop.

if you are so broke you can pay the 9% sales tax, then it wont hurt you.
seeing as how they have nothing to spend. 9% of nothing is nothing.
if they got it to spend, then we get our cut.

i pay my taxes. i get almost nothing back in a return. i aint rich. why should you pay less than me?

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