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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
so by that logic wouldn't every kid raised by a gay guy who had sex with a woman turn out at least partially gay because of his nurture rather than his nature?

What about the kids who unfortunately have a man man parent situation or a woman woman parent situation, shouldn't they all turn out gay too?
I have yet to find any legitimate study that really confirms or denies this either way.

I did find one study where it was more about the quality of the child, but not their sexuality.

I am now unsure how to feel about this topic...

If we were created by a God. And according to most religious people being gay is an affront to him. Why would he have allowed us to have the programming to be able to be gay? Unless the programming is there and he gives us the freedom of choice to act upon it?

If we were evolved from primates it seems odd that we would have the genetic make up to be able to be gay considering nature, until humans fukc with it, is a pretty perfect design. It doesn't seem like something genetic that goes against what it takes to produce offspring would be as prevalent. It seems like being gay would be some sort of mutation that is not beneficial and would not be propagated to future generations.

I guess maybe this is one of those situations where you just need to accept that it is what it is and not worry about the why. Gay people are gay and whether it be by nature or by choice it doesn't change that fact. If there really is a God that they are affronting the shit out of thats a price they will have to pay with him at a later date and not something we should worry about.

As far as being gay being mainstream goes I'm not a fan either. But ya know, if having a gay guy on primetime tv helps some confused kid figure their life out and become a productive member of society instead of offing themselves I have no problem with it.
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