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Originally Posted by Chiefwoohaw View Post
Ahh, Bloofield hills. Did Daddy not love you?? Or are you one of the Thousands of boys??
No Catholics in my Childhood Thank God, However you seem rather homophobic

Originally Posted by Dave Kerwin View Post
snafu6, you seem to have it all figured out, I am glad that you are greater than every other man that has ever have lived and have better ideas than every other man that has lived for thousands of years.

I think if you looked into the mirror, you would realize that you are as screwed up as everyone else who has made an attempt to do the right thing, then fallen short. The entire premise of Christianity is that we suck, that we are sinners, and that we desparately need a savior. If we were not messing everything up all the time (in the ways you mentioned), then Jesus would never have been born of woman, lived, and died a terrible death to pay our fine for our sins. If mankind had it all together, there would be no Religion.

News flash, you are one of the screw ups and you would be wise to repent and be forgiven. Surely you would then be lumped in with thousands of years worth of "bad people" but at least you would be made right in the eyes of your maker. We are not promised glorification and perfection until we meet Jesus face to face in heaven. Between now and then we deal with the fall out from our sins. Sad but true. Hope to see you in heaven, and hope to hear of your release of your embitterment towards God and his people.
I have nothing figured out, quoting some Dale Carnegie while on a Rant is hardly having things figured out, No problem with your God, Issue is the Perversions of Organized Religion and the fact that We as a Society Tolerate it
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