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Originally Posted by Dave Kerwin View Post
Sexual attaction seems to be tied into emotional experiences when they go against the natural way we were made. I wouldn't say that most people wake up one day and think "I'm gonna go ghey today", but I do believe that there is a choice element involved. I choose not to be attracted to other women who I am not married to. I choose not to have sex with them either. I choose to persue my wife sexually or to back away. I choose a lot when it comes to sexuality, we all do. It was natural for me to like women, but that doesn't mean I have to jump into bed with any of them. My .02
I am very attracted to women. I love boobs and tight butts. I think (most) strippers have nice bodies. In summary: I love lookiing at women!!

Ok, I'm married. I love my wife and have never cheated on her. Just because some 18 yo hottie gives me a tingle in the dingle, doesn't mean I'm going to touch her. The last few times I've gone to the Vue, I didn't spend a dime on the dollar whores. I don't like them touching me. I love to look but touchy is a no no. I am totally dedicated to my wife and I CHOOSE not to stick my naughty bits in another woman.

It's ok to be attracted to women if you are married, we are wired to be on the hunt all the time. The big thing is having the discipline to remain faithful.
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