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Originally Posted by Hunter9 View Post
Being gay is always and has always been 100% choice, so is being straight, being bi, a murderer, a sociopath, an asshole, a bitch or a retard on GL4X4.

How hard is it for anyone to understand this?????

You are born with certain things you cannot change, color (unless you are MJ), nationality, etc. Everything from there is your choice, do as you choose to, but be prepared to suffer the consequences or those same decisions.
I disagree.

I didnt make a choice to be attracted to females rather than males. But I am and in that, I then make the choice to seek the friendship, companionship and relationship with a female. You are suggesting I could choose to be attracted to males.... While technically you would be correct, on an emotional level it would be destructive to not only my life, but the person I was pretending to be attracted to.

What consequences should homosexuals suffer for the decisions they make?

And why do you feel your opinion on the matter is the only one and everyone else that doesn't fall lockstep behind your thinking has an issue?
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