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Originally Posted by L4CX View Post
I kind of agree. Let's call it something other then marriage though. I'd be glad to be in a civil union with my wife in the Government's eyes and Married in God's. Marriage is a Sacred event in my faith and, IMO, is designed to be a man and women. The parallels used in the Bible to marriage and the church are pretty substantial. In the bibles definition and use of Marriage it doesn't work with Homosexual marriage. That's the issue that most Christians have. I don't see why they just can't call it something different.

If homosexuals really want to just be happy then they can get a Civil union like any other couple. If they want a marriage they'll have to work that work that out with a church.
I get what you are after...

The issue I have, being a strict Constitutionalist, is we have freedom of religion. That means just because your religion doesn't recognize homosexual marriage does not mean it should be applied equally to everyone else. A homosexual couple may have a different relationship with their creator and should not be denied any right or privilege guaranteed to them by the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence, because of how you interpret your religion.

In typing what I just typed, I can see the difference between a civil union and a marriage. Ive no issue with homosexual marriage or civil union, just as long as they are afforded the same privileges as heterosexual unions/marriages. By Cain suggesting that the act/relationship is a choice opens the door to American Citizens being denied some of the most basic rights granted to them by our founding documents.
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