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Default Apparently it doesn't want to go to the Comp Saturday

I had a few simple relatively unimportant items that I wanted to button up for saturday and had plenty of time to finish these items. UNTIL....

I spent a couple hours Monday messing with the transmission AGAIN, it seems that I have a horrible case of converter drain-back. This causes the trans to take quite some time to build up pressure and actually move. It happens every time it sits for a few days or more. Once the pressure builds up it will be fine and perform flawlessly until it sits again. This is just extremely aggravating, it needs a check valve in the cooler line but I haven't had much luck in finding anything that isn't in the neighborhood of $80. All the less expensive ones have been discontinued and are now unavailable.

I have accepted having to deal with that issue and the only negative to the problem is a leaky dipstick tube when the fluid level rises in the pan. Today though, I went out to hopefully get my rock sliders started and noticed a puddle of fluid under the truck. I initially wrote it off as being trans fluid the escaped from the dipstick, but once I got next to the truck I saw that it was under the front axle which is a long way from the transmission. It had developed a coolant leak overnight somehow, but I had no clue where it was coming from. There was a puddle on the timing cover under the t-stat bypass hose that runs between the pump and intake manifold, I figured it was just a pinhole in the hose and a simple replacement would fix it. I decided though to make sure by cleaning the area and fired the engine up to find the source. Here is the great part - the damn water pump housing is CRACKED under the boss for the bypass tube. EXCELLENT, now I have to put everything else on hold and R&R a water pump which will unfortunately end up being a 2-3 day project due to my work schedule.
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