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Originally Posted by opie View Post
Choice, genetic, wired wrong.... What difference does it make in regards to

It doesnt say "unless you are gay"

I like Cain till he decided to say this. I respect his right to his opinion, but I have lost faith that he will not be able to separate his opinion from upholding the Constitution.

Which bring me to another point I an a co-worker were discussing today.... Eventually one of the Republicans in the race will be running against Obama. Why do they continually feel the need to say stupid things? Bachman with her "Ill have gas at $2.25 per gallon." Perry with "Ill put X number of people back to work by the end of my first term." They all purport themselves to be Conservatives.... Run on an actual conservative ideology, keep your mouth shut and remember you are running against Obama.
He never excluded them (homosexuals) in any of those things in the first video posted. I also don't feel like Marriage is included in those things. Civil unions, sure. But I think it's completely constitutional to say marriage is for A man and woman only. As long as there is an option for Homosexuals to have the same rights as a marriage.

I agree with you on the second part. They just need to keep thier mouth shut.
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