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Originally Posted by kickstand View Post
so by that logic wouldn't every kid raised by a gay guy who had sex with a woman turn out at least partially gay because of his nurture rather than his nature?

What about the kids who unfortunately have a man man parent situation or a woman woman parent situation, shouldn't they all turn out gay too?
I had a Kid on my bus that had two mom's. He was Flaming Heterosexual.

I think you guys are trying to make black and white out of gray. Just like everything else in life, I think it's a balance. I also think that the only genetic predisposition could be 'bi'. If you were Genetically Homosexual you would be grossed out by women (that would be why you like men) in the same way that most of us guys are grossed out by guy on guy action.

If having sex with a man was the only way to have a child would you guys (the ones saying that you do anything if you want children enough) be willing to have sex with a man to do it?

I'm against the homosexuality. I think it's a Perversion of what God designed between a man and women. I'm NOT against Homosexuals. They are people and God still loves them.
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