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Originally Posted by snafu6 View Post
"The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven."
John Milton

Took me years to understand what Milton was trying to convey, Free Will what a beautiful gift from a Loving Father every second of every day our choices shape the environment we live in. Heaven or Hell is completely up to us Live the Golden Rule and life seems to flow doors just open when you live for the right reasons. "Love thy neighbor"

No Rest for the Wicked, just could not understand why the more seriously I took things the harder the rules became. I was living for the wrong reasons "The Love of Money" Had it all but Piece of Mind. Living the rock star life style only works so long before you find the edge of the abyss with nowhere to go but down, does one look up and realize it was my perception of things that had brought me to this Hell nothing less nothing more
Very poetic. There was this guy, King Solomon, he pretty much figured that out a couple thousand years ago. He wrote it down in a book Called Ecclesiastes. It's in the bible. .

Heaven or Hell is our decision every second of every day I do not believe it to be a destination for playing lip service every Sunday then acting a fool the rest of the week
That's why you don't 'act a fool' every other day of the week. You live a life pleasing to God, every day. You don't live it to please the people at church or your religion. You live it that way because you know that is what God wants of you. Sunday is just a time to, with your fellow believers, let God know you appreciate his works.
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