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The Hughes amendment to the Firearms Owners Protection Act (FOPA) closed the machine gun registry in 1986.

Excuse me for being ignorant but closing the machine gun registry means what to me? Google is not giving me much to go on here

"We the undersigned urge the Congress of the United States to re-open the machine gun registry by repealing the Hughes Amendment to the Gun Control Act of 1968.

1. Machine gun ownership is legal, but they must be registered.
2. On May 19, 1986, the machine gun registry was closed. No new civilian registrations have been accepted since that date, and the supply of legally transferable machine guns is steadily declining, causing a huge increase in the cost of machine guns transferable to civilians.
3. Since 1934, there has been only ONE homicide committed with a machine gun legally owned by a civilian.
4. Criminals own machine guns illegally, but law-abiding civilians are severely restricted in their ability to own them.
5. This restriction is in violation of the Second Amendment.

For the foregoing reasons, law-abiding citizens of the United States must be allowed to buy machine guns manufactured after May 19, 1986."

So your pissed cuz wally world wont sell cubical dwelling Bob a Kalashnikov why would anyone want the average citizen to own such a thing, people are complete idiots if they cant figure out how to obtain a pre ban auto than I don't think they have the comprehension needed to understand what a full auto is capable of

Any merc will tell you point blank full autos are for suppression only killing is done up close n personal shot gun is the preferred weapon, full auto is for bravado wastes more ammo than anything else makes way to much noise and will get you killed by a pro cuz your to busy wasting rounds to notice you just got flanked
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