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I apologize in advance. I haven't had a chance to talk theology for quite a while. I may go on.

Originally Posted by snafu6 View Post
What has organized religion brought us throughout history other than the slaughter of millions of innocent people in the name of some God that commands us to Love one another yet claims slaughter those sinners because they do not worship me

Really what a concept, most religions boil down to Love one another yet more blood has been spilled in the name of some God than the Devil could have ever dreamed of accomplishing

The Roman Catholic Church alone has done far more harm than good Pedophiles running the show, Holocaust deniers turned their backs while millions suffered n died, turning their favor to the money that flowed into their empire of deceit n destruction.

They Raped the Innocence of tens of thousands of young boys by the men of God they were supposed to Trust and then hid the fact they knew it was a huge problem and yet did nothing to stop the Rape of innocents denying it to the bitter end

Burn the Bitch down I say Free the people to live in Peace not slaughtering one another in the name of Christ enough is enough already
I agree. I'm a Christian. Wait What?

Religion can produce exactly what you've pointed out. However, so can <insert non-religious organizations/political/social followings>.

You're also very true in saying that Those religions say that GOD says to love. He does. The problem lies in the people, that are flawed, running things. It happens in churches all the time, it happens in business all the time too. You start with a passionate entrepreneur who is very approachable and very personable. In a few years his starter business grows and now he's less concerned about the purpose of his business and more concerned about the money. No different in churches or religion.

You're pointing out a human problem. It's just easier to pin in on religion because it's exactly what it is, ORGANIZED.

The good news is that there are Millions of examples on the other side of the bill that most people, especially those against Religion, will tend to shy from. How many Aid organizations are based on Religion? Christianity alone?

Originally Posted by kerryann View Post
There is no hell.. earth is hell
Very Contradictory. .

From the stand point of my faith, Earth CAN'T be hell. We have love, we have hope, we have compassion, ETC. Those are Characteristics of God. Gifts from God. If we're in hell here on earth, we wouldn't have any of those characteristics because hell is a place void of God.
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