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Default Another won't start story...

Problem with my '03 Hemi Ram.

This happened 2 or 3 times previously, but only for a minute or two. Now it has happened and it seems to be for good. I get in the truck, put in the key and turn to auxiliary/start. Radio comes on, but no cluster/indicator lights, no gauge movement, and no turning over at all. All electrical items work- odometer coming on when door opens, lights all work ( interior, brakes, headlights, dash lights), radio works. The first couple of times this happened, I would turn the key off and on several times, and the cluster/indicator lights would finally come on and the truck would start. The last time previous to this, the same thing; only this time I shifted into neutral, then turned the key. The indicator lights finally lit and the truck started- might have just been coincidence. Now the indicator lights will not come on at all and no starting. Everything electrical still works fine, radio, headlights, dash lights, brake lights, interior. Just no indicator lights in auxiliary/start position, no gauge movement, and no turning over at all.

My guess is something is bad in the ignition module in the steering column. Anyone had this problem before? And is it something I can fix myself, or am I headed to the dealer?
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